Gas Station Squeegees

Cleanliness is next to godliness, or so they say. Even so, many like to have things looking prim and proper, not dusty and grungy. This applies to our possessions as well, as we can see with automobiles.

And thus enters the Gas Station Squeegee.

These unassuming devices in small, wall-mounted buckets of water seem very convenient, right? It’s a do-it-yourself way to de-muck the windows, mirrors, and lights of your car.

If your goal is to accomplish that, well, you need to be the very first one to use that squeegee. is that, Mr. Author? Well, turns out that after a couple of applications, the squeegee will soon marinate and fester in a slimy, muddy juice. It’s a bit like taking a bath – the water is all pristine at first, and then about twenty minutes later, you realize you’re lounging around in your own filth. Anyway, this reduces the effectiveness of the squeegee, potentially making your “cleaning” a water-spotted disappointment.

Also, just wait for the guy who comes along earlier that day and decides that his car, recently freed from a mud hole, needs a good scrub down with a tiny plastic tool.

Let Gas Station Squeegees Die

Photo Credits: Here


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