Bicycle Racing Types to Mark Richards for this suggestion, who remembered that I have an e-mail address. I quite liked the submission, so the original text is quoted below.)

The ones with the tight body suits covered with advertising.  The ones with the ultralight expensive bikes.  The ones who ride three-abreast, blocking vehicles from passing.  The ones who laugh in the face of “share the road”, blowing through stop signs, and red lights. The ones who weave through traffic, unimpeded by rational thought and the toll of luck.

These must surely go.

Yup, these “holier-than-thou” cyclists seem to have all the respect for cars and traffic laws, as, well, the Amish would. Though it’s less likely for a horse-and-buggy to cut you off. But it’s not as entertaining if one of those gets car-doored.

Anyhow, people like this are just asking to have their heads popped like grapes when they’re challenging machines that weigh multiple thousands of pounds. Sure, it’d be unfortunate, but you may just be able to pass it off as natural selection.

You’re not invincible. And you really don’t want to find that out the hard way.

Let These Cocky Bicycle Racing Types Die

Photo Credits: Here


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