Your Inability to Follow a Schedule

As the Tuesday guest writer, I always find that… wait a minute. Checking the calendar actually reveals today to be Wednesday. A ceRtain sombodY Doesn’t AlwayS remember wHo’s day it is to post. Luckily for me, this certain somebody also inspired the blog topic I guess, so, thanks.

You are the person who’s never timely. You inconvenience others whose best laid plans were sent awry by your lack of regard for social decorum. I will classify you people into a few types, mostly for amusement, but also to cut down on confusion.

1) The Way-too-Early Bird Wakes up at Night

You arrive at the party and make your grand entrance to a stunned audience. You bask in the attention you’re receiving from them. Sadly, these are stares of worry and anger. The people you’ve just dropped in on are still setting up and organizing. Maybe they haven’t even begun. Your early appearance puts pressure on the hosts to prepare faster for what may be even more guests. You are put in the awkward social situation of having only a select few people to talk to who are probably too busy preparing to hold a conversation anyway. Being a few minutes early is not a harmful thing, but a half-hour or more is a bit ill-conceived.  One of these days, your tendency to be quick will hopefully backfire when you walk in, only to ruin your surprise party that no one had hidden for.

2) C-c-c-concentration Breaker

You burst through the office doors and rush an apology by your glaring coworkers. You’ve taken a seat and are hurriedly scanning the agenda to find your place. Compassionate managers will attempt to get you caught up, by reviewing items already covered. Sadly, this will irritate your coworkers at having the meeting run even longer and having to rehear certain things they may not agree with. You are put in the uncomfortable spot of having to survive the information rush will attempting to make sense of it all. Less (or maybe more?) compassionate managers will not go back for you and ignore your presence. You’ll be lost, and your coworkers will smile in triumph. Showing up in the middle of the action is a foolhardy thing to make a habit of. You wouldn’t want to be late for your first day on the job as a bomb defusing specialist.

3) Missed it by That Much

You arrive at…hello? Where is everyone? You look at your watch only to find out that it’s been put on upside-down. That 6’o clock event is either 3 or 6 hours past by now. Your lack of attendance may incur both personal ramifications as well as professional ones. You’ll be dissatisfied with yourself for missing out. You’ll go home, dejected, and all that wallowing in pity will make you forget that, even though you were just there, you forgot to pick up your kids FROM the event you missed.  If you find yourself in an important spot professionally, you may have just postponed things or you may have been voted out of a job. Your lateness has hurt you, and you should take it as a lesson. Time to buy a new watch.

You TRULY late people just started reading here, didn’t you?

Ruining the schedule with your antics is more often harmful than not. Just be punctual for once. It’s generally not a hard thing to accomplish more often than not, given enough thought and planning.

And for those of you who are apt to scream “better late than never”, I don’t think that applies to death. I’d much prefer never.

Your Inability to Follow a Schedule Needs to Die.

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