Annoying Advertisement Addendum Number Two

Yet another installment of cumbersome advertisements that do everything except motivate me to purchase a product! They also can’t make soap very well, either.

  • Double Underlined Ads – These web-based ads masquerade as “helpful” by appearing under words that may require some explanation for a reader who is a novice at the material being covered. As it turns out, these expected definitions turn out to be annoying pop-over balloons that try to sell you something. Also, they sport those lovely miniature ‘X’s that are just so dastardly to effectually click on. The underlines themselves are usually doubled and green in nature.
  • Screen Push Ads Guess what? Those nifty, hard to avoid rollover banner ads now do something even more excruciating! Certain variations will push the site’s actual content to a different location on the screen. And nothing makes web browsing more enjoyable than trivial interruptions, right?

Gee, you’d think there would be more examples with a ten month hiatus on this segment, wouldn’t you? Well, I’ve got a reason for that. Thanks to the power of AdBlock, DVR-recorded television, and various other sponsor-removal systems, I’m able to place more of my focus on content, and not meaningless fluff.

Though it’s entirely possible I’m wasting my time on the content as well.

Let Even More Annoying Advertisements Die

Photo Credits: Here


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