Being So Hungry Yet Feeling So Full

I have trouble staying regular.

And, yes, that comes off a lot like a bathroom issue, but I assure you, it’s not. You see, most people eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at more or less defined points during the day. Usually, I’m just lucky to hit two out of the three. This leads to cravings, partial malnutrition, and the rare-but-beautiful Midnight Bacon Sandwich. Part of the reason for this, aside from a lack of health awareness, would be this peculiar feeling that occurs after going an extended period of time without food.

It starts off feeling like hunger. After a period of time, however, that gets suppressed by a feeling of fullness. This causes my body to have a strange battle with itself. One voice goes “You know you want that key lime pie left in the fridge, it sounded great 5 minutes ago!” while another states “Woah, slow down there! You’ll explode if you eat that!”, prolonging my state of non-eating until I finally succumb to food.

Hopefully someone can relate to this, or perhaps I’m simply a loon. Either or, this sensation can’t be doing anyone any favors. Then again, I do quite enjoy bacon…

Let Being So Hungry Yet Feeling So Full Die

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