Your Likeliness to Butt In

“So, you guys know how I went on that philanthropy trip last week? Well, as it turns out, one of the natives I helped has decided-“

“Natives? Were they original natives or natives like Americans are natives?”

“They inhabited the land originally, yes, not sure why that matters. Anyway, he decided that-“

“He’d buy you a yacht?”

“No, just let me finish. He-“

“I remember when I bought my first yacht.”

“I’m not talking about yachts, I’m trying to talk about how a man I was generous to was generous back to m-“






“Ha ha ha ha!”

“Oo, saucy! Ha ha!

“Wait…hey, stop laughing, please…I just wanted to tell a story…”

When you talk in the middle of what I am saying, try to talk over me, or steal the conversation from me disrespectfully, I tend to hate you. Hate is not too strong of a word choice, either. Dialogue between people is a refreshing thing, but when you find a way to even mess that up, I find that you just need to get off this mortal coil.

Your Likeliness to Butt In Needs To GAY …Die.

Photo Credits: Here


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