(no subject)

Those two parenthesized words conjure a strange mix of fear and curiosity in my mind. I’m sure you have the best of intentions, but not summarizing what you want to tell me about is a bit unnerving. Especially if I’ve never received a digital letter from you before. I know this has abated somewhat due to the ability to preview the body of a message, as well as heightened tech awareness, but this still shouldn’t be happening as often as it does.

I handle my e-mail a bit like triage – I use the small bit of data I have to determine what needs to be addressed first. Then I move on to the less important stuff if I can.

But that empty Subject line you’ve given me? Well, that’s screwed up the whole thing! Now I don’t know if you’re telling me that my business proposal fell through, or if you’ve found this hilarious video of a cat eating spaghetti.

So please, give me a brief synopsis of what you’re planning to say. Mysteries and surprises can sometimes be pleasant, but in the case of digital correspondence, it’s a bit more cumbersome.

Let (no subject) E-mails Die

Photo Credits: Here
If you were wondering, any email starting with ‘FW:’ automatically comes last, if it’s ever opened at all.


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