The Polkadodge, this is a real thing, although you may not heard of the word. “Polkadodge” was submitted for consideration into Webster’s Dictionary, but was passed over.

What is a polkadodge, then? A deft acrobatic maneuver during a lively Bohemian dance performed by couples? A high-thrill game of chicken set to Polka music? Neither!

It’s a term for what happens when two people meet face-to-face, and then juke the same way to try and get around each other.

Occasionally, there can be many jukes before each party figures it out and is able to pass. A fun variant is when one person grabs the hands of the other and does an impromptu revolving dance to exchange sides. Then again, if done poorly, they may end up doing what a pepper mill or high school prom does best: grinding.

This type of encounter only provides a few moments of consternation, but the awkward guffaws and subsequent feeling of “Why couldn’t I figure that out faster?” creates a temporary feeling of inadequacy that you’re likely to be shaking your head even perhaps an hour later.

Polkadodge will likely never find a place in common conversation, but the act it describe is too embarrassing yet universal to go away. And so, I say in vain…

Let The Polkadodge Die

Photo Credits: Here


One response to “The Polkadodge

  1. Do this in a crowded place, you would laugh.
    It’s fun :3

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