Doing The Exact Same Thing Day After Day

Routines are a part of life. Civilized life, at least. Sleep, rise, eat, evacuate wastes, sleep. Routines inspire normalcy into an otherwise hectic process known as living.

Yet to be afraid to go outside these routines, to be complacent in all that’s around you, well, it’s not exactly the most exciting thing.

You may notice there’s something a little different about the blog. Let’s just say it got a haircut. Anyway, this new theme was picked because, even though Black-Letterhead has served me well for nine months, I wanted to try something new.

Also, I’m thinking about getting a new banner, considering how the original is slightly chopped by this format. A poll awaits your thoughts on this.

For now, sample with me some Coraline, and I don’t mean the animated movie either. At the same time, I invite you to do something a little differently. You may actually enjoy it.

Let Doing The Exact Same Thing Day After Day Die

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One response to “Doing The Exact Same Thing Day After Day

  1. New website layout…
    Most people do the same thing.
    Wake up, get ready for school/work, go to school/work, come home, do home work, sleep.


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