Being Involved With The Shakeweight In Any Way Whatsoever

The Shakeweight is an “As Seen On TV!” product. It looks like a typical dumbbell, but all one has to do is grab the middle, and shake the ends up and down, thereby providing a workout.

At the same time, it looks like the user is…well, let’s say squeezing the burrito.

Naturally, those involved with the promotion of the item decided to start with the market that it could engage the most: women. Of course, this spawned many parodies and generalizations on the usefulness of the female gender and so forth.

It doesn’t help that the actors involved in the commercials look so darn jolly when they’re using the Shakeweight, either. Yes, the first thing I want to do when I’m done with my exercise is to get a big dopey grin on my face, and with sweat running through my eyes moan, “Ah, that was good.”

Signals like these make even the burliest bodybuilders look like well-intentioned yet fundamentally filthy actors. Oh, and speaking of burly, guess what demographic was recently appealed to by the Shakeweight marketing team?

That’s right, guys: Men. My complaints about the commercial are generally the same, but even still it seems to reach a whole new level of disgusting. In fact, see for yourself. Those of you whose minds are in this proverbial gutter will understand what I’m talking about. Considering how questionable this device is, was it really the smartest idea to keep saying “butt”?

 Let Being Involved With The Shakeweight In Any Way Whatsoever Die

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3 responses to “Being Involved With The Shakeweight In Any Way Whatsoever

  1. Shake Weights aren’t that good..
    I’d rather have a healthy body then a “HOLYCRAPOMGWTFISTHATBODY” body.

  2. Despite the way it looks while doing it, the product actually works!

    The Shake Weight is a revolutionary product that incorporates a new technology, called Dynamic Inertia TM which has bee scientifically proven to dramatically increase the muscle energy consumed during free weight exercises .

    Because of its unique motion, Shake Weight has caused a viral and media sensation and has become one of the fastest selling fitness products in America. As a result of the media coverage and visibility of the Shake Weight, numerous media outlets, experts and journalist have written opinions and valuations regarding the efficacy of Shake Weight. The vast majority of press concurs that the product is extremely effective, however a number of blogs and articles have given the Shake Weight a cursory overview without using the device in the prescribed method, and with disregard to the conclusive scientific evidence.

    Scientific Evidence

    FitnessIQ, the developers and marketers of the Shake Weight, conducted three independent scientific studies to measure the effectiveness of the Shake Weight routine.

    The first two studies was conducted under the supervision of Professor Daniel Cipriani, PhD. From San Diego State University. (For a full description of Dr. Cipriani’s qualifications and experience, see the addendum). The study showed that each repetition with the Shake Weight produces over 300% more EMG-recorded muscle activity compared to a similar weight dumbbell.

    A second study with only female participants conducted by Dr. Cipriani showed similar results in an all female group showed statistically similar results.

    In order to calculated the comparative muscle energy consumed by the Shake Weight compared to a standard dumbbell regiment over time, FitnessIQ engagement Life Modeler Inc, arguably the global leader in biomechanics simulation in the human body. Life Modeler has a rich heritage of conducting breakthrough research in human biomechanics for institutions such as NASA , companies such as Nike as well , leading medical device companies manufacturing joint replacement . Life Modeler’s technology is being used by leading universities around the world. (For a full description of Life Modeler, see addendum).
    The Life Modeler study showed that the 2.5 pound Shake Weight for Women consume more than 5 times as much muscle energy as a similar weight dumbbell and the 5 pound Shake Weight consumes more than 7 times as much muscle energy as a standard dumbbell over time.
    The basic premise that makes the Shake Weight so effective, is the fact that the device uses velocity and high speed, short movements, versus the slow movements and relative low velocity generated by standard dumbbell exercises. The unique design of the Dynamic Inertia TM technology allows the user to do short intense movements and alter direction at a pace of up to 240 repetitions per minute. At optimal velocity, the Shake Weight for Men consumes the same amount of muscle energy as a 65 lbs dumbbell used in customary fashion over equal time. This range of usability allows beginners and novices to use the technology at lower velocity and intensity, while the device is challenging enough for professional athletes and coaches to use. In numerous experiments and testing, extremely fit and strong athletes and subjects was unable to sustain the Shake Weight at maximum intensity for more than 2 minutes, demonstrating the wide potential application of the technology.

    Social Proof
    Several media outlets have tested the Shake Weight and used it according to instructions have given it rave reviews:
    Good Morning America featured Shake Weight as part of a best-selling fitness product round-up in which the show’s fitness expert gave the product a B+ because, according to her, “It really works triceps and delts… you get a burn.”
    After trying The Shake Weight, The Los Angeles Times’ Healthy Skeptic wrote “After about 10 seconds, both of my arms tensed up into a steady contraction. It felt like I was flexing everything I had. After 30 seconds, I was ready to quit.”
    According to Fitness Magazine, “three minutes in, the 2.5-pound weight started to feel heavy. My breath quickened, and the jiggling forced me to engage my core, arms and back. When I was finished, my upper body felt ablaze. I’m a believer – somebody shake me.”
    Glamour Health &Fitness wrote “I can see how the shaking motion might activate your muscles in a way traditional weights can’t.”
    According to Ellen Degeneres, “It really does work out your muscles.” She continued, “I believe in it so much that I got one for all of you,” talking to her audience just before she gave away 350 Shake Weights.
    After watching the Shake Weight demo, Sherri Shepard and the rest of The View hosts agreed that the Shake Weight looks to be an incredibly effective fitness tool. “I would get that, I would absolutely get that…Just the fact that you have to hold it up while it’s shaking, it’s going to do something. I am going to order it I’ll tell you!” -Sherri Shepard, The View.
    WCNC, the local NBC affiliate in Charlotte, NC aired a “Does it Work” segment with a fitness trainer who stated “I like that it’s light, easy and it’s just one. You don’t have two dumbbells, and the fact that all you do is just shake it and you’re getting results.”
    Please contact Kellie Cagle, Communications Director for FitnessIQ, with any questions.

    Copies of all three studies are available through our PR agency, Fifteen Minutes. Please feel free to contact Ryan Croy or Jordan Byrnes at 323-556-9700 for more information.

    About Dr. Daniel Cipriani, PhD.

    Dr. Cipriani has a Ph.D. in Applied Measurement and Applied Statistics, a Master of Science in Exercise Science and Applied Biomechanics and a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. He is a member of The American Physical Therapy Association, The Institute of Objective Measurement and National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is also an Editorial Review Board Member of the Physical Therapy Journal, of the American Physical Therapy Association, an Editorial Review Board Member and Manuscript Reviewer of the Journal of Orthopedics and Sports Physical Therapy of the American Physical Therapy Association, and finally an Editorial Review Board Member of Training and Conditioning.

    Dr. Cipriani has been published in over twenty scholarly articles with research specializing in Orthopedic outcomes in the rehabilitation setting, specifically testing the kinesiometric properties of lower extremity performance measures. He also focuses on the Biomechanics of gait and running, specifically to examine the kinematic and kinetic characteristics of running on different ground surfaces. Finally, he also specializes in Psychometric properties of physical rehabilitation outcome measures and the application of the Rasch measurement model to test the psychometric properties of measures, as well as apply the RMM as a substitute for likelihood ratios in diagnostic testing.
    About Life Modeler Inc.

    LifeMOD™ is a complete, state-of-the-art virtual human modeling and simulation software solution. Its advanced capabilities and intuitive graphical interface, developed and refined over two decades, enable engineers, designers, and others interested in biomechanics to create human models of any order of fidelity, report true engineering data, and enable rapid and repetitive testing of designs, all while slashing time, cost, and risk from new product development.

    The leading human modeling solution across a wide variety of industries, LifeMOD is used by more than 600 corporate clients and hundreds of universities and research institutions worldwide. Many of their orthopaedic customers are realizing productivity increases up to 20% and decreases in development costs by up to 40% while enhancing innovation and reducing risk.

  3. (The above is lengthy, and while sensationalized, probably not spam, so here it shall remain.)

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