Pointless Statues

Nothing says “this is our town” like a giant, plaque-less structure erected square in the middle of a highly populated area. Though it seems that no one really knows why such things are there. For example, why is there a disembodied anchor slowly rusting outside of a trade school in my area? Why is there a metallic man lying on his front raised just above a koi pond? Why is there a large, circularly-dented, laser-equipped ball of iron floating out in space taking aim at planetoids?

While I’m not so sure on the last one, these are just a few example of creations that once held a meaning, but have now lost all pertinence. Is it that difficult to engrave a tiny plaque with a brief explanation of why such a thing exists? Maybe all the money got spent on the awkward positioning of the figure.

Also, if you are really dying to see pointless immobile objects, I recommend any modern art show.

Let Pointless Statues Die

Photo Credits: Here


2 responses to “Pointless Statues

  1. Yes, this needs to die.
    Too much money spent on this crap.

  2. My state is in serious financial trouble, and yet they apparently found $14,000 to spend on a series of statues. What kind of statue is worth $14,000, you ask? Colored balls.


    Another statue that I can’t find an image for is in Gig Harbor. It’s a 6 foot stone pillar with a squid lightly engraved on one side and wings on top, otherwise completely unadorned. Another statuette is shaped like a bench, and the artist’s claim to fame was to crudely crosshatch the top of it.

    I bet those set the city back a few tens of thousands.

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