Accidentally Touching Used Gum (masticonous histrtechus) is a boneless, brainless organism that traditionally lives out its life cycle entirely within damp, warm ecosystems. Having an affinity for flesh, tissue paper, foil, or plastic bags, most gums will live out their lives slowly decaying, unseen by other organisms.

However, careless pilots have introduced these gums to new, uninhabited territory. Formica, wood, tile, concrete, and other surfaces are the most common release sites. Having no natural predators, gum in these areas are free to not roam, and trap many of their unsuspecting prey – fingers. While the acidic coating upon the gums will not dissolve a quickly reacting human, the neurotoxin it seeps will cause a brief bout of psychological trauma. Additionally, if the gum has been parasitically infected, the infection has a chance to move to a new host.

What can you do to stop this devastation? Well, just follow this rule and convince others to do the same:

Don’t stick gum where it doesn’t belong.

Let Accidentally Touching Used Gum Die

Photo Credits: Here


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