The Snazzy Napper products have always been encouraged by our free market enterprise. Well, the development of them, anyway. The execution, however, occasionally falls flat on its face.

With that in mind, I introduce to you the Snazzy Napper, clearly a superior product as I haven’t heard anyone reference the word “snazzy” in about 40 years. Anywho, this produce is a covering for your face and upper body, with a nose hole for breathing. It’s also as obtrusive to the eyes as possible, so it can point out every idiot who thought using this product was a good idea.

At first I thought this was a hoax. Nope. The included video should help point out my…disagreement with this product.

So! Who wants to pay $15 or $25 to drape a glorified blanket over their face?

Alternatively, we’re selling brains in this next line over. Some of you really need them.

Let The Snazzy Napper Die

Photo Credits: Here


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