Your Hardly Help

(Thanks (and apologies) to Alli J. for the idea. Also, ooh, pink.)

“You’ll help me? Great! All we have to do is take this body from my trunk and put it in the hole over th- hey! Don’t look at me like that, Steve, just grab an ankle and let’s go. You said you’d help, now you’re in it. No, you don’t get to back out. Hey! Get back here! *BANG*

“Oh, you’re willing to help me out? Awesome, we just need to move these two bodies from my trunk into this hole over here…”

You always claim that you’ll be right there, you’ve got this, you’ll fix it, you’ll do whatever you can, BUT YOU DON’T. You’d be a lot more helpful if you never said anything at all. Problems coupled with disappointment are even harder to deal with. Thanks for helping.

Your Hardly Help Needs To Die

Photo Credits: Here


2 responses to “Your Hardly Help

  1. Hey that’s my name! 😀 Steve.

  2. Well, Steve, if I ever ask you to move a body, let this be a warning to you and not a premonition. 😛

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