Accidentally Determining Milk’s Sourness By Taste

“Oh, sweet!” you think in the dairy aisle, “this milk won’t expire for two whole weeks!

So, fearing nothing, on the third day you once again open that two-third full carton and pour yourself a glass. Taking a big swig, you can’t help but notice that something is a little…off.

Well, at least the decaying vomit won’t be missed when you whip up a fresh batch of your own, to be expelled in the nearest toilet or sink.

And let’s not forget that small pang of guilt that occurs when there’s plenty of milk left, but not a drop to hygienically drink.
Perhaps its the taste of decaying vomit that assaults your tongue. Maybe it’s that chunk that just went down your throat, or other other chunk that you mashed between your teeth.

Let Accidentally Determining Milk’s Sourness By Taste Die

Photo Credits: Here


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