The “Only” Cost

When purchasing a product, one spends a lot more than money. In some instances, they spend their time and potentially some electricity researching the product, making sure it’s right for them. Next, they have to get the product. You can order online, in which case you’re spending another chunk of electricity, as well as waiting for the product to get to you. If you go and physically purchase the item, you’re spending not only money, but also travel time, and some form of energy, be it in the form of gas, solar power, electricity, or good ol’ human leg power.

Why, then, do advertising companies insist on claiming that you’ll ONLY spend $20.99 on a hat? Or Only $400! for the bacon-plated, completely edible, “fat free” chocolate and fudge fountain? Any price that gets listed is going to be relative to whoever sees that price. Sure, 25 dollars may not sound like much to most of you reading this, but it certainly does to the guy that only has 5.

So, yeah, you’re spending more than money. More importantly, you’re spending an amount of money that has a definite value – it’s not trivial just because an advertisement says so.

Also, if any of you readers are interested, I have a boat to sell you for only six million yen. That’s “not much”. “Trust” me. I “promise”.

Let The “Only” Cost Die

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