You, Question Talker

Do you know who I mean? You probably do. Are you one of them? I’m not sure. Why is the overuse of questions that have answers supplied by the questioner so aggravating? Probably because it’s as stupid to hear as it is stupid to read.

Is this just a ploy to make a post with content that undermines the title? Most likely. Is this a slight rip-off of a Scrubs character? See previous answer. Is it even a problem? You tell me. Should you ask me in a question-answer format like this? Only if you want to prove my point and/or die painfully.

You, Question Talker, should you die? Yes, you should.

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One response to “You, Question Talker

  1. Do I want to die painfully? No. Do you want me to die painfully? I don’t know.

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