Erasers That Don’t

Your rough draft of The Next Great American Novel or even your entry for The Next Great American Doodle can be easily hampered by the worst possible thing – a mistake! Not to worry, that trusty nub on the end of your writing tool shall rectify this injustice! You slyly flip the pencil with your dexterous fingers and go to town on the blemish.

To your horror, you realize you’ve created a monster! Well, maybe not, but one or more of the following has certainly happened:

  • The Smear – Yup, that eraser may have removed your mistake, but it’s left a grey/off-white/pink mark to highlight where it once was. Time to crack out the white-out (or somehow turn your work into a “mixed media” art piece).
  • The Rip – Too much creative angst worked its way into your rubbing, or the papyrus-like sheet of paper you’re working on just couldn’t handle the strain. Creative patch-work is necessary here, but it’s more likely that piece is gone for good. Tear open a new ream and try, try again.
  • The Fade  – It’s going, going, GONE! No, wait, it’s still going. Still going. Almost there. Just a little more. Nope, you can still just see it. Yes, the fade is just enough of a reminder of your fingers’ faux pas to cause embarrassment in the final product. Be careful with all that eraser-grinding to get rid of these – it may just lead to The Rip.
  • The Scrape – Either your eraser is so lopsided or maybe even completely gone to cause a bit of the metal to grind upon the paper. This may leave marks, and has been known to curl fingers and set teeth on edge in some people. Use caution when your eraser is almost used up, or else you may find yourself in this uncomfortable scenario.

We count on erasers to give us room to be perfectly creative. By that token, we allow them to make us look like complete fools when they fail the task. Good thing they make paper in liquid form now!

That’s not what that brand name means? Well, I have a table to go clean up.

Let Erasers That Don’t Die

Photo Credits: Here


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