Know vs. Now vs. No vs. Knew vs. New

Right, well, let’s jump right in, shall we?

Know is a word that applies to the internalization of information in one’s mind. Asking “Did you know clove-filled pomegranates were the first attempt at toilet fresheners?” is a pretty good example of this. Tip: Unless you’re asking for directions in the least wordy way possible, “Know way” is not an appropriate use of the term.

Now refers to a point in time that happens to be this one. Or this one. But not the one before this one or the one after it. Now is the present. While less common in usage, ‘now’ may even be the start of an n-based reply which is rudely interrupted by a stubbed toe.

No means no, especially in bed. Uhrm, it is a negative reply to a question or statement. It’s also an unpractical form of denial, as many who fall off of sheer cliffs make it their last word, as if to undo the event using only their vocal cords.

Knew is just about the same as know, but it the past tense. “Remember when you knew that stupid fact some idiot wrote about pomegranates and toilets?” is a prime candidate for the proper usage of this word.

New means fresh, exciting, never-before-seen. It has a close cousin named “and Improved”, but the latter usually cannot stand without the former. New things can be good or bad, but it’s mostly up to the old dog if it can learn such tricks.

‘What are you on about, Mr. Author?’ I’m glad you asked!

For those of you who are new, now you know what I’ve wanted a majority of the population who cried ‘No! knew the entire time.


So stop dropping k’s and w’s all over the place! Of course I don’t ‘no’ about a picnic; it sounds pretty appealing, and maybe I’d like to go. Ever thought of that?

Let The Corruption of Know, Now, No, Knew, and New Die

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2 responses to “Know vs. Now vs. No vs. Knew vs. New

  1. Possibly related posts:
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    Anyway, good post. 😛
    Learned this in 2nd grade.

  2. Silent K’s are a bitch

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