Fearing White Clothing After Labor Day

Oh heavens! I can’t wear those socks – they’re like eggshells! And land’o’goshen, that dress shirt is immaculate in every other way…except for the coloration! It’s ruined! Oh goodness me, now I’ll have nothing to sleep in!

People, come on. It’s a color. It doesn’t need to be part of a “rule”. If it looks good, wear it. Not that hard.

Let Fearing White Clothing After Labor Day Die

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One response to “Fearing White Clothing After Labor Day

  1. Info from a random passer-by:

    The no white after Labor Day originally only referred to shoes (as a rule of thumb to avoid their getting more dirty in more wet weather) not other items of clothing, and originally only applied in (North-)Eastern USA. The extrapolation to other parts of the USA, and to other items of clothing apart from shoes, is relatively modern phenomenon, driven largely by unknowing arrivistes…. 😉

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