Potential Uncleanliness Of Signs With Braille Bumps

Yeah, those small bumps on certain signs certainly feel neat, don’t they? Well, even though they may be giving you a quick finger massage, their real intent is a lot more meaningful. Braille, if you didn’t know, is a system of raised dots that allow the blind to read through touch. It’s a lot more complicated than that, I’m sure, but I’m no expert on many of the things I write about. Big surprise, eh?

Anyway, I started thinking the other day about how often people run their hands across such items. How often do, well, signs get cleaned? I’d imagine not a lot, unless there’s a really obvious stain or something.

So, what do you do if you’re a germaphobic blind person? For one thing, I’d petition for higher quality control standards. For another, maybe buy some gloves. Finally, I’d try to get something done about it, or better health insurance.

“Accessible” shouldn’t mean “germy”. Which reminds me, bathroom stall bars certainly can’t be all that good either…

Let Potential Uncleanliness Of Signs With Braille Bumps Die

Photo Credits: Here 


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