Lightswitches With Forgotten Purposes

Deep within the bowels of every building’s wiring lays a monster. This monster regulates the flow of happy little electrons to various parts of these buildings.

A brief pause to state that none of the above is exactly based on fact.

Now, this monster, in order to figure out which things get what amount of power, uses a variety of sensors with switches and sockets and gizmos that I don’t care to talk about, because, hey, I’m feeling whimsical. Anyhow, in order to make its job a little easier, the monster, in the planning of the building’s infrastructure, finds a few barren walls and sticks non-functional switches on them. To the outside world, their purpose is unknown.

Garages, workplace skyscrapers, even mall security labyrinths can house these unsuspecting, flippable pieces of plastic. What do they do? Well, that’s a good question…only the monster knows.

So, flick, flip, and wonder away, users of such switches! Just envision someone’s blender starting up every time you confusedly toggle that switch yet again.

Or the monster will eat you.

Let Lightswitches With Forgotten Purposes Die

Photo Credits: Here


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