Kool-Aid Nostrils

Allergies are no fun. Sneezing, sniffling, congestion, watering, general leaking…all of these and more symptoms can arise as a result. Thankfully, the innovative tissue is at our aid, clearing away these streams of mucal activity.

There are a few downsides, of course. One, they can create quite a lot of garbage. This is more of a long-term issue than an immediate one, so I’m not going to harp on that yet. The second issue would be how irritating that pseudo-cloth can be to the skin under your nose. Used too much, it can make one look like they’ve just ingested Kool-Aid or a similar drink…nasally. The red areas are merely the residue from such imbibing.

Sure, companies try to alleviate this issue by making lotion-filled tissues. Too bad it feels like someone already used them, though I must admit they cut down on the aggravation afforded to me by regular tissues.

So the next time you’re wondering if someone’s having allergy or cold issues, just take a quick look above their lip. If the redness is there, just ask them what it feels like to taste cherry in one’s sinuses.

(I’m thinkin’ there was a better metaphor for this, but I can’t find it.)

Let Kool-Aid Nostrils Die

Photo Credits: Here


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