Thinking Elvis Is Still Alive

He’s not.

Oh, I’m sorry, the death notice, the news about it, and the various documentaries on the subject haven’t convinced you? Fine, how about this? If The King were still alive today, he’d be 75 years old. Yeah, okay, people do live that long, despite the way they behave around drugs, alcohol, and bizarre sandwich creations. The second thing you’ve gotta consider is, if he’s still alive, he’d have successfully remained undiscovered for 33 years.

Sure, I know it’s not very kosher that your idol “allegedly” died on the toilet. It’s not a very flattering way to go. Maybe the fumes got to you, though, because living a lie isn’t a flattering way to live, either.

Though I’d imagine the fashion-replica-creation industry is quite thrilled by your delusions.

Let Thinking Elvis Is Still Alive Die

Photo Credits: Here


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