My Laziness

What’s this? Eh, I’ll just send it to Drafts and do it later.

Oh, huh, you’re still here. Well, while I’m vehemently against apologizing for when a post doesn’t occur, I am in support of apologizing for when there’s no real good reason that there’s not one. So, yeah, I’ve been slackin’. It’s a fun thing to do, and I quite enjoy it as I delude myself into thinking I’ve got a more active social life.

Anyway, I’ll try to get around to more meaty posts. This bare bones diet can’t be good for any of the four or so readers I actually have.

(Ironic that this, too, is a throwaway post. It’ll get better. Promise.)

Let My Laziness Die

Photo Credits: Here (Originally from Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes)


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