Decorative Pillows

Baby, you look so pretty lying there, on the bed, all alone. You’ve got curves, and you aren’t afraid to show them. Your milky body looks oh so soft, and that simple pose is just so seductive. It’s going to be a real shame when I have to throw you off the bed just so I can get some rest. Our time together is short, but you’ve gotta believe there will be others like me.

I’ll never forget the way you look, but I just don’t see how you fit into this relationship. For all your good qualities, you’re a real pain in the neck. You’ve gotta believe me, I gave us a try, but it was a mistake I’ll not soon forget. I’ll look at you and others like you longingly, but I’ll know it was never meant to be.

Yes, dear pillow, I’m afraid we must depart. I don’t see how a tube-shaped, threadbare plush makes for an effective relaxation aid.

Let Decorative Pillows Die

Photo Credits: Here


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