“Priceless” Store Items

https://i0.wp.com/topperautodealersupplies.com/images/one_low_price_666n.jpgBustling store-goers know that, in the oddest of places, delightful treasures can be found for rather reasonable prices. These things may be blessed with extreme durability, practicality, or sentimental value.

These items aren’t what the title of this post is referencing.

Well, Mr. Author Of Splendor, what are you talking about, then? I’m happy to answer that! You see, “priceless” items are exactly that – items with no clearly marked price. High and low you search for a possible indication of how much money the store wants to suck from your pockets, to no avail.

Anything on the box? Nope. How about the shelf it was on? Nah. The shelves above or below that shelf? Negative. A different box for the same product? Not even a little.

And so, a decision must be made. Is dragging that forty-pound, ‘make-it-yourself’ bookcase box a whole 18 aisles to the front of the store just to see if it’s within budget worth it or not?

I’m opting for ‘not’.

Let “Priceless” Store Items Die

Photo Credits: Here
(YTTNTD will be on Wednesday. On purpose this time.)


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