You, Entertainment TV Host

“Have Blah-de-Blah and Sir Whats-his-Face finally split up? How does he feel? What about her? What does this mean for their vacation home and the multitude of adoring fans who were enslaved into working there?”

Look, you may certainly need a job, and you may certainly have the freedom to say whatever you wish about the lives of other people, but please, Entertainment TV Host, why must you sound so probing and analytical of the lives of the rich and famous? I know that the faults may lie in the script-writers, or the whole darn industry, but I would like to make a request of you. I personally do not care about the relationship scope of people who are socially defined as better than me because of their looks, talents, or money.  So, please, read the drivel you are given if you must, but at least change your inflection to indicate to me that something of importance has occurred with this person. Perhaps a singer is releasing a new album, or a famed movie star has the lead in an upcoming movie. I find that the careers of the famous people (you know, such things that MADE them famous) are all the entertainment news  I could possibly need.

You, Entertainment TV Host (and/or the puppet master who saves the actual news until the end of the freaking show), Need To Die

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