Cassette and video tapes relied on, well, tape, in order to convey their content. Problematically, when one hit the end of the tape, one would have to do something to get it back to the beginning again. This process was known as rewinding, and was handled automatically by the equipment, or done laboriously by hand with items improvised to act like a screwdriver. I’ll never forget you, helpful carrot, you saved me a late fee.

Anyway, rewinding has all but faded out of existence. DVDs, Internet video, MP3s, other forms of digital media – these things are not as cumbersome to meddle with in order to reach a certain point in the media. One just needs to move a dot or other thing around in order to get to the needed part. Easy!

So today I move that we make a push to get rid of even passing usage of this process. Recorded TV, you’ll just need to find some other phrase, despite your digital origins. It’ll be easier for all of us.

If you do, however, wish to hold on to rewinding, I challenge you to read through every post older than this one, stop, and then read them all backward. Easy!

Let Rewind Die

Photo Credits: Here


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