Your Insignificant ‘Versaries

Your weekaversary itself is as appalling as the fact you tried to smash “week” and “anniversary” together to make a word. Recollecting an event that you find important that occurred a short amount of time is not worth mentioning to random passerby like me, so, don’t. I don’t care if it’s been a 7 months and a week and 3 days since you found a boyfriend, or if it’s been 8 days since you first learned how to dougie. These insignificant and too specific amounts of time are as confusing are they are annoying to hear.

6 months? That’s okay. A year, as in an actually anniversary? Party on. But 3 days? Give me a break. A break of about 362 more days.

Your Insignificant ‘Versaries Need to Die

Photo Credits: Here


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