Noone though this may be the way it’s spelled on the clock at Ye Olde Tavern, Pub, and Bar, ‘Noone’ is not a word.

It’s two words.

You see, the phrase “no one” can only be used like that properly; it’s not like ‘any one’, which can be merged to ‘anyone’. However, please note that the squish-age of this word has a different usage than the two separated pieces.

I’m sure it was just an accident. After all, everyone occasionally slaps an ‘e’ on the end of noon, or doubles up the o’s in the word none. Right. I totally believe it.

You’ll eventually get it right, but there’s bigger problems to worry about. Especially with how you continue to misuse “you’re” and “your”. It’s sickening.

Let Noone Die

Photo Credits: Here


One response to “Noone

  1. Why is you’re post to mean? Noone will like you four this..

    [spelling/grammar mistakes are made on purpose]

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