Perfume Commercials

Since the invention of Smell-o-vision™, marketing fragrances has never been easier. No more suckling the sugary teat of magazines, just to get the chance to insert some smelly, folded paper! Yes, blasting the unique scent through the airwaves certainly has a much greater impact on the audience. After all, perfume manufacturing profits jumped an astounding 340% as a result.

I’m sorry? That doesn’t exist?

Well, okay, how about we convey a smell by having people lie down provacatively, making silhouettes prance through fully-colored, exotic locales, and throwing in some fruit imagery for good measure?

Yup. That right there’s a bona-fide piece of advertising genius. Boy howdy.

Let Perfume Commercials Die, Because The Products Are Going To Sell Anyway…

Photo Credits: Here 


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