Insecure, Uncreative Passwords

Passwords are integral to the security of many online services and applications. So when these passwords feel like the world’s out to get them, and that they just can’t create artistic works…

Oh, that’s not what the title means? Sorry.

To be frank, most people just don’t select passwords that are hard to guess, in order to better remember them. ‘abc123’ or ‘password’ are pretty simple, right?

To be me again, it’s also really really stupid to pick things like that. You’re just asking to be infiltrated, particularly if that password spans multiple sites. So when you go crying to everyone, shouting a cacophonous “OH MY GOD, I’VE BEEN HACKED!”, let me be the first to cram a king-sized mattress down your warbling gullet. (Sidebar: That is not an acceptable way to use the connotations of ‘hacking’, and don’t you forget it.)

Anyway, while berating you for your poor choice in security phrasing is entertaining, I’ll throw you a bone and offer up some more expressive and safe passwords:

  • Stevie1der (for music enthusiasts)
  • @-@ (for Star Wars Gurus)
  • R0kl0bster
  • $crapingBy (for exorbitant spenders)
  • MagicW&
  • y=!B639&ID[xWT*m4b+G)[f:if-&^5X},.|vU)j5

Additionally, you can do things like surrounding your password by brackets or parenthesis. You may also wish to incorporate characters that are usually untypeable without an ALT code. For instance, holding ALT and pressing the Numpad keys 0, 1, 6, 7 produces this: §

Finally, if it’s supported, who said you needed to stick to English? Personally, I’d say that something like 私は、アリッサをあきらめることはない would work pretty well.

Hop to it, or I’m readying the mattress!

Let Insecure, Uncreative Passwords Die

Photo Credits: Here
(Feel free to add any helpful additions in the comments.)


2 responses to “Insecure, Uncreative Passwords

  1. you are so paranoid. olweorinalka lolumad?

  2. I wouldn’t give up on her either.


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