Devout Geocentrists

Geocentrism is the belief that the Sun orbits the Earth. Actually, strike that – it’s the belief that EVERYTHING orbits the Earth. That’s right, despite all evidence stacked against such a claim, there is a substantial amount of people who think we’re the universal center.

Now, depending on your frame of reference, using the Earth as a center can make sense. It’s easier to measure from the Earth to the Moon than to measure from the Sun to the Moon in reference to the Earth.

But today I’m whining about people who demand that the Earth is seen as the only center. Such inflexibility just ferments the ever-glistening rage pent up inside my body. Yay, we sustain life, and complex life at that! But that doesn’t once-and-for-all determine that we’re the only ones like that, and so the orb we live on is the one the rest of the universe relies on.

If this were only a scientific standpoint, this article would probably stop around here. But, nope, to add a whole new and entertaining layer on to this cake of absurdity, this “we’re number one!” believe about the world is based on specific passages of the Bible. You know, that book that, interpreted literally, says some pretty wonky stuff.

geocentrism_flyerFinally, did I mention there’s going to be a conference for such people? This November 6th, many people will shell out an L-note for the privilege to have their misguided beliefs reaffirmed by equally misguided presenters? Oh yeah, the event is also titled “Galileo Was Wrong, The Church Was Right”.

Maybe a tactical asteroid could wipe out the meeting place. Yeah, that’d teach ’em. And luckily, you’d surely see a general rise in the world’s average IQ after the fact. Win-win.

Let Devout Geocentrists Die

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