Washed Pocket Tissues

Removing clothes from the laundry should never be a depressing process. And usually, it isn’t, and mysterious pink scourges that occur when washing whites happen only rarely. Yet, another malady can afflict these garments: tissue snow. Yep, each article is coated in a small smattering of un-melting flakes, forcing a lump to the back of the observer’s throat. Is it time to whip out a lint roller and go to town, or remove the errant, crusty mass that is the washed “cloth”, in the hopes a second wash will purify the items? Alternatively, you could try wearing the clothes and convince yourself that you’ve dressed up as a lightly powdered donut, which in some people’s cases may be a very convincing argument.

Pockets of clothes need to be carefully inspected before the cleansing can begin, or a little, yellowed, sickly surprise awaits, ready to release its spores across the multitude of apparel that lines one’s washing device.

Let Washed Pocket Tissues Die

Photo Credits: Here


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