Glittery Vampires

Supernatural beings associated with Halloween (e.g. Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman, ghosts, etc.) are intended to be scary, usually. Blood extracted through the artery highway that is the neck, limbs shorn from core through the most gruesome and creative ways involving humanoid monsters…these things and more help to really put the stamp of spookiness on the “holiday”.

To rip one of these fabrications from their natural habitat for inclusion into another type of work, then, requires the utmost care. A care that is not employed by, say, Stephanie Meyer.

Yes, I want to reaffirm just how much I don’t care for a personality-deficient, husk-like, average, unremarkable female shell deciding to play matchmaker with SuperJesus that apparently is immune to all vampire-killing evils by employing a large application of glitter.

No, thank you, I’ll be taking the vampires that turn into bats, dissolve in sunlight, drink copious amounts of blood, and fancy the occasional impalement.

(Good to know that 104 year old men can date teenage girls, though. I’ll just have to try that out sometime.)

Let Glittery Vampires Die

Photo Credits: Here


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