Twist-Off Lids That Cause Injury

From the soda bottles using the tiny, smooth raised bump caps that are impossible to open, to the Gatorade bottle ridges that skin one’s palm and are impossible to open, and finally to the infamous stuck pickle jar lid that causes muscular discomfort and may take away one’s man card and are, also, impossible to open….lids can be tricky. And I don’t mean hats.

The screw is a simple machine that allows one to exert less force over a greater distance to achieve the same result. So twisting that cap off a jug is easier that trying to cleave plastic from sugary goodness using only your bare hands.

So, even though I’m down a man card, I have a household tip to dispense: If you encounter a nigh non-removable lid, wrap a rubber band around the lid, then twist. 3 out of 5 times, it’ll be effective. Else you may need to use the other, more well-known tricks of hot water and the ever-fun “smashing the lid against hard surfaces”.

Y’know, to “loosen” it. Not to vent. Clearly.

Let Twist-Off Lids That Cause Injury Die

Photo Credits: Here
Let it be known that I did not look up this technique before posting, I actually did know it prior. Woo-hoo.


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