Annoying Advertisement Addendum Three

Third time’s the charm? Eh, maybe not.

“Is this ad relevant to you?” – As much as I appreciate the gall you have, Hulu, to want simple survey data to influence advertisers (and I’m guessing future targeted ads), I’ve yet to really see ads relevant to me. Maybe the product or service seems interesting, I’ll grant you that, but usually the style in which that item is conveyed? Nah, no dice. If you’re really wonder, I only look forward to a few ads each year, such as the Garmin Christmas commercials, and Super Bowl Advertisements.

Pushy Periodical Placement First it was the annoying cards that fall out of the magazine. Then, it was the “shorter than all the other pages so it’s harder to avoid” trick. Now, I’ve noticed some publications (I’m looking at you, PCWorld and Reader’s Digest) have advertisements that are physically part of the cover. And I’m talkin’ full-page stuff. PCWorld’s ad was attached by that fun, rubbery glue stuff that you can play with after you peel off the offending ad, with a real cover beneath. The advertisement on Reader’s Digest, however, was a fold-out on the cover – in order for it to be removed, one would need to cut or tear off the section.

Cunningly Covering ‘Close’Well, I supposed these ads don’t cover the button, but they instead force the close button to “load”. Because, clearly, that makes sense – the ENTIRE ADVERTISEMENT would load faster than all of a 10×10 pixel ‘[x]’ button.

While the ads may not get on my nerves sometimes, the new ways in which they are being presented certainly can.

Let Even More Annoying Advertisements Die

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