Chasing Around A Stubborn Plastic Lid

While the first thought that may jump to mind upon reading the title might be “improvised Frisbee”, that’s not what I mean. I just find myself pestered by those rubbery-plastic lids (like on Tupperware) that have a tendency to pop up in places as you’re trying to close them. If you only have one available hand, completing the task of closing these containers is nigh-impossible; two hands are only slightly more effective.

This encapsulation conundrum also applies to soft-drink lids. If this happens to one of those, even a small jostling of the cup can result in a sticky soda surprise.

Short of sitting on these containers to press down all the edges, only persistence will defeat these lid foes. Then again, what does it say about us if we are willing to be occasionally outwitted by a non-conforming covering?

Let Chasing Around A Stubborn Plastic Lid Die

Photo Credits: Here


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