What do you describe something as when it’s aggravating beyond all means of measure? Or when it’s annoying to the point of ridiculousness? Or when it’s irritating in its incompleteness or inability to be finished? Or when it uses too many examples without making a point making the reader wade through leagues of unnecessary text that simply serves as a palate-pleaser until the real meat of the article arrives?

Well, for one thing, it’s not ‘fustrating’. Because, you see, fustrating isn’t a word. Now I think we both know the word I mean is ‘frustrating’, and that I’m not picking on poor spelling here. I’m annoying at people who can’t manage to pronounce frustrating correctly, dropping the first ‘r’ entirely.

Can you say the word fur? Good. Fur-us-ter-a-ting. Don’t worry, kid, soon you’ll be able to crush together that ‘fur’ to make the appropriate and correct ‘frrr’ sound, but we’ll settle for this for now.

Get on the ball, man, it’s only been 37 years that you’ve been speaking this way. Plenty of time left to figure it out, I suppose. You sicken me.

Let Fustrating Die

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