Wearing Outlandish Clothes In Public Places

Clad in the finest of steel armor, said to have been forged from the fires of Hell itself, you don your iron-plated leather cap, bracers of strengthliness, and boots of swiftness in quick succession. For lo! what is there to stop a knight as fine as ye this merry night! Broadsword on your back, you set out, seeking adventure yet again.

Social pressure might stop such a knight. You see, if you’re not in, say, the Middle Ages or a local renaissance fair, you’re bound to get roughly forty-seven thousand questions in line with “Why are you wearing that?”. Especially true at funerals.

There could be any number of reasons for your ungainly attire, of course, but why bother answering the pleas of mere peasants? And so, a substitute reply or quip will be necessary.

https://i1.wp.com/www.freakygaming.com/gallery/game_art/hellgate:_london/sexy_knight_armor_suit.jpgFor the elitist: “Because I can!”
For the undecided: “I need it for later. Maybe.”
For the domineering: “Well, where’s your fancy getup, eh?”
For the mentally unstable: “Isn’t it obvious that I’ve traveled through time and am simply lost? Now, escort me to thine land’s ruler, but plan carefully, for I don’t wish to walk off Earth’s edge!”
For the self-centered: “It makes me feel fancy.”
For the blog auth-…err, the self-conscious: “It makes me feel more confident.”
For the weary: “Please stop asking.”
For the lazy: “It’s laundry day.”
For the heat-stroking: “Could you stop being two people for just a second, please?”
For the encumbered: “Mmmph.”
For the toothless: “Mmmph.”
For the sword-drawn agitated: *stab* *fleeing arrest*
For the honest or repetitive: The actual reason.

It’s probably not worth the trouble, but if your intentions are worthy enough, then you’ll put up with it. That Sun-dragon isn’t going to slay itself, at least you should strike at it. Just once. Might be a bit of a throw, however.

…While conformity is boring at times, one must consider if their choice of garb offsets everyone’s insistence on gab.

Let Wearing Outlandish Clothes In Public Places Die

Photo Credits: Here


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