Ice-ning and Wudder a day that’s all about food, it seems only fitting to nitpick on the pronunciations on some of these simple items.

When you’re making a cake, or, heck, even a cupcake, what does one put on top of it? Gee, that’s tricky. Sprinkles? Before that. Pudding? Nah. Icing? Why, yes, dear sir, have some caviar in the back room and make yourself comfortable.

What icing is not, however, is the curious combination of the word “ice” and the noise “ning”. That’s not a real thing. So don’t say it. Ever. Now, go lick edible elements from the gutters outside, peon.

Okay, here’s an easier one. You ready? Good. Wah. Ter. Water. That basic thing that everyone needs to live. Simple, huh? Oh, English, such a tame beast now.

What water is not would be an udder with the attachment of a ‘w’ on the beginning of it. Unless you’re breeding specialty cows, I don’t wanna hear about wudders. Got it?

Good. Happy Thanksgiving, to my American friends.

And to everyone who speaks English: Say things correctly. Thanks.

Let Ice-ning and Wudder Die

Photo Credits: Here


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