Poker Chip Clicking Just stop. I just wanna watch people play cards with way-too-cheery commentators talking about the “action” while I try to sleep on my couch with the sickness of insomnia at 2 in the morning. What I do not want is all that pestering noise that assails my eardrums when you take those small betting discs and smash them together in every way imaginable. That infernal clicking noise was fine, almost novel when you’re actually making an action, but continuing through the down-time? Even when you’re not in the current hand? That verges on the point of mental disorder if you need to keep that up.

I’d recommend a stress ball or something. That’s a lot quieter. Perhaps you could just use your nose for all chip-related actions?

A lot less people would go ‘all-in’ then.

Let Poker Chip Clicking Die

Photo Credits: Here

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