Title Reliance

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“Pleasant to see you again, Mr. Anderson!”

“Oh, no, please, Joe, call me Raul.”

“I’m sorry, I’d feel like I’d be offending you if I did, Dr. A!”

“I’m not a doctor. And it’s fine to call me by my given name…”

“Nope, you, Sir Anderson, shall be treated with the respect and admiration that you deserve!”

“Er, I’m also not a Knight from the days of yore, but, thank you, though I’d prefer-“

“Yes, Master Anderson Esquire the Second? I’m sorry, I was busy staring at your many medals, General, sir.”

MR. HARTWICK! Please call me by my given name!”

“…I’m watchin’ you, Anderson. Thin ice!”


Let Title Reliance Die

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One response to “Title Reliance

  1. I love pissing my friends off like this.

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