Contused Grocery Carts

Ah, the grocery store, a place of Wonder™. It seems like it has All™ you need in a nice, row-by-row design. Large enough to Shout™ in, and yet still small enough to feel friendly.

Anyway, we humans figured out that, hey, we can’t really carry a lot at a time without some fierce ingenuity or tool-based assistance. Opting for the latter, the grocery cart was born! Well, the wheel and other things sorta came before that, but, stay with me here. The grocery cart allows people to easily and effectively put stuff in it and push it around. Magic!

Well, that’s how it should work, anyway. But no, carts never seem to get moved out of the rotation. Nor are there any really identifiable “lightly used” ones that the average person could quickly identify. Nope, most of the time one is stuck with the luck of the draw. Problem is bad luck seems to happen more often than good. Maybe your cart squeaks every time you turn. Maybe the plastic piece on the handle is broken and is jabbing you in the hands. Worst of all is when one or more wheels are somehow too tight to move around and skid perpendicular to the direction you’re currently heading.

Let’s give it up for convenience! Instead of telling someone about the issue (which probably wouldn’t get too far anyway, but hey, worth a shot), or even try out the cart before loading it with stuff and then choosing a better one, most of us plow through with the contraption, doing our best to keep the chrome and plastic beast in our reins.

At least it didn’t spontaneously combust. Then those poor freezer items would be ruined!

Let Contused Grocery Carts Die

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