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Your Hyping of Your Hype

I know that the Big Game or Small Game or Medium-Sized Game or Inconsequential Game or What Game? or whatever you’d like to refer to it as has already come and gone, but I would like to now voice a niggling complaint that I had prior to it.

It is not this: I derive enjoyment from Super Bowl commercials.

It is this: I do not derive enjoyment from what are essentially previews of these Super Bowl commercials.

A thirty-second spot of a product offering DOES NOT WARRANT a teaser! Not only is this (extra) commercial widely proliferated, it tells nothing of the product! It is advertising… an advertisement.

And just when I’d thought we’d scraped the bottom, it turns out there’s another barrel entirely.

Your Hyping of Your Hype Needs To Die

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The “Only” Cost

When purchasing a product, one spends a lot more than money. In some instances, they spend their time and potentially some electricity researching the product, making sure it’s right for them. Next, they have to get the product. You can order online, in which case you’re spending another chunk of electricity, as well as waiting for the product to get to you. If you go and physically purchase the item, you’re spending not only money, but also travel time, and some form of energy, be it in the form of gas, solar power, electricity, or good ol’ human leg power.

Why, then, do advertising companies insist on claiming that you’ll ONLY spend $20.99 on a hat? Or Only $400! for the bacon-plated, completely edible, “fat free” chocolate and fudge fountain? Any price that gets listed is going to be relative to whoever sees that price. Sure, 25 dollars may not sound like much to most of you reading this, but it certainly does to the guy that only has 5.

So, yeah, you’re spending more than money. More importantly, you’re spending an amount of money that has a definite value – it’s not trivial just because an advertisement says so.

Also, if any of you readers are interested, I have a boat to sell you for only six million yen. That’s “not much”. “Trust” me. I “promise”.

Let The “Only” Cost Die

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Annoying Advertisement Addendum Number Two

Yet another installment of cumbersome advertisements that do everything except motivate me to purchase a product! They also can’t make soap very well, either.

  • Double Underlined Ads – These web-based ads masquerade as “helpful” by appearing under words that may require some explanation for a reader who is a novice at the material being covered. As it turns out, these expected definitions turn out to be annoying pop-over balloons that try to sell you something. Also, they sport those lovely miniature ‘X’s that are just so dastardly to effectually click on. The underlines themselves are usually doubled and green in nature.
  • Screen Push Ads Guess what? Those nifty, hard to avoid rollover banner ads now do something even more excruciating! Certain variations will push the site’s actual content to a different location on the screen. And nothing makes web browsing more enjoyable than trivial interruptions, right?

Gee, you’d think there would be more examples with a ten month hiatus on this segment, wouldn’t you? Well, I’ve got a reason for that. Thanks to the power of AdBlock, DVR-recorded television, and various other sponsor-removal systems, I’m able to place more of my focus on content, and not meaningless fluff.

Though it’s entirely possible I’m wasting my time on the content as well.

Let Even More Annoying Advertisements Die

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Seeing The Same Commercial Twice In A Row

https://i1.wp.com/http.cdnlayer.com/smoola/00/00/b8/5e9bde56c95db6a4_m.jpgWhile I thought that advertisement on buy three get 1 and 1/2 free lime-colored oranges was mildly interesting the first time around, I didn’t need to see the same 30-second advertisement again. It shows that someone at Master Control (an official title, I assure you) has erred in product placement, and causes attention spans to not only disappear, but to turn negative.

…Though I’d still totally buy lime-colored oranges. As long as they don’t cost as much as tomatoes.

Update: So, apparently, Master Control doesn’t really dictate what’s on the tapes. That aside, actually planning to have the same thing back to back really gets under my skin. Headon, apply directly to the forehead! Headon, apply directly to the forehead!

Let Seeing The Same Commercial Twice In A Row Die

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Thanks to Kero for the Master Control info

The .1% Of Germs That Can’t Be Killed

We all know the claims. “Kills 99.9%* Of Germs, GUARANTEED!” or words to that effect. Even though I’ve never really studied the fine print that the asterisk denotes, I have wondered how anyone arrived at that figure. Common sense would lead one to believe that this figure is erroneous.

Are there a finite number of kinds of germs? Well, no, I don’t think so. We discover new stuff all the time, why should germs be any different? Kind of makes me wonder if old antibacterial formulas’ claims need to get adjusted for inflation over time.

Also, is it very reassuring 99.9% of germs can be killed? I guess it is to some extent, but what happens if you get sick anyway? “Auch, I feel terrible. It must have been from the .1% of germs on the kitchen counter that I touched after cleaning it, and not from the toilet that I’ve refused to clean in three weeks.”

So, when you’re out walking the mean streets of Germtown, just remember: Even though the billboards tell you it’s safe, stay away from the dark alleys anyway. And don’t eat the melted chocolate that you found on the sidewalk.

Let The .1% Of Germs That Can’t Be Killed Die

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10 Ways To Improve Your Health, Self-Esteem, Teeth, Wealth, and Life In 1 Easy Step

…Sadly, titles like the one I’ve provided, with some minor alterations, seem to be used a lot in Web Advertising. Acai berries, tips that “They” don’t want you to know…there always seems to be some cure-all for little effort.

That’s not to say this type of advertising isn’t effective people want more for less, something for nothing, a lot for a little. However, the world just doesn’t work that way, to the disappointment of many. As I’ve more than alluded to before, this fits in with my “people are lazy” mantra.

There is hope, however. In fact, everything I’ve mentioned – health, self-esteem, teeth, wealth, and life – can be improved with effort. We all have our ups and downs, but with work and luck, we can coax out a few more ‘ups’.

So, what’s the one easy step I have to offer?

Be Confident

Simple words, really. You just need to apply this to many different areas of your life. Be confident in your appearance, in your abilities, in your thoughts. And yes, you’re not going to like everything about yourself, but focus on the positives! Showing off that you’re okay with yourself will help in many areas of life.

https://i2.wp.com/wisdomdigest.org/wp-content/uploads/confidence3.gifContrary to the overall theme of the blog, I am an optimist. I also know that you readers hate it when I go into motivational speaker mode, but that’s okay with me. Regardless, I’m trying not to be blindly optimistic, and I understand that hardships and disabilities exist, and that life isn’t fair, not by a long shot.

But you’ve gotta make do with what you’ve got.

And if you can’t, what do you have left?

Let This Advertising Scheme as well as Peoples’ Insecurities Die

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Snow Emergency Sales

https://i2.wp.com/www.acc-tv.com/images/globalnews/wx_snow_1006.jpgYes, let’s encourage people to risk their lives by coming to your store for some “one-time only” deals.

Let Snow Emergency Sales Die

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