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Struggling To Hear What Someone Has Said

https://i0.wp.com/www.jeffthomascobb.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/listen_000001026615XSmall.jpgMnaxr kalmp pahstrick!

I’m sorry, I didn’t quite hear you?

I said, philaltr cuhluhmnp bahtweck!

Errr…one more time?

UGH. I said fanri malhalus txiwis!

Still not getting it, sorry.


The only appropriate thing to do at this point is smile and nod.

Even though they just said “You ran over a small child”.

Let Struggling To Hear What Someone Has Said Die

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Axing Questions

While the title may suggest as such, I’m not talking about what one does when they remove a particular request. No, I’m referencing what happens when someone mispronounces the word “ask”.

“Hey, I gotta axe a question.”

Do you? Well, by all means! Cleave that query in twain with thine large-wedged blade!

Not what you meant? Oh. Well, in that case, I recommend saying the word “ask”. Just like with “escape”, you need to use an “ess” sound. Or fake one if you have a lisp. You can’t just change it to an x.

Otherwise, I’ll need to axe you about your face.

Let Axing Questions Die

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