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Tangled Earbuds

Nothing beats relaxing in style – and music can certainly help! So what could be better than taking tiny orbs connected by some thin cabling and JAMMING them in your ears to hear the sound? It’s a one-of-a-kind experience, of course! Just, try not to puncture an eardrum during all that. Wouldn’t want to damage the equipment, now would we?

Problem is, when you’re done with these small implants, what do you do with them? Unplug them from your device of choice and ball them up in some fashion, right? During that, you assume that it’s completely harmless – I mean, they’re just sitting there lazily, doing nothing of importance (much like a certain blog author who insists that he writes on a semi-daily basis)! What dilemma could they ever present?

The very next day, you arrive back at the fabled spot of electronic discard, ready to use these earpieces for another bout of stress-relieving. But lo! for this contraption now has more tangles than an adolescent girl’s bedhead! More mats than a shaggy dog’s fur! More ties than a successful businessman! More knots than a fast-moving sea vessel!

And so you take the next two, three, six minutes, assuming a role as a reverse Boy Scout, trying your darndest to get your gear back in working, streamlined order, thinking all the while that there must be a better way.

Come to think of it — why isn’t there one?

Let Tangled Earbuds Die

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Struggling To Hear What Someone Has Said

https://i0.wp.com/www.jeffthomascobb.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/listen_000001026615XSmall.jpgMnaxr kalmp pahstrick!

I’m sorry, I didn’t quite hear you?

I said, philaltr cuhluhmnp bahtweck!

Errr…one more time?

UGH. I said fanri malhalus txiwis!

Still not getting it, sorry.


The only appropriate thing to do at this point is smile and nod.

Even though they just said “You ran over a small child”.

Let Struggling To Hear What Someone Has Said Die

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