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Your Cries for Information not Concerning You

I’d like to remind the populace that when you overhear a conversation and feel the need to implant yourself in it by asking the talker to repeat what was last stated, stop for a moment. If you are reasonably sure you heard correctly, ask anyway, like a sane person. If you have misheard, that’s fine, let it drop. However, if the person decides not to tell you what was said, do not pester further. You will become an annoyance, usually for no reason. There’s a purpose for that conversation not having been directly aimed at you in the first place, it most likely doesn’t involve you. And even if it did, how much weight do you put on other people’s gossip? It would more likely hurt you than help you. Don’t be verbally nosy… or I’ll attempt to remove your nose, verbally. That probably involves a lot of screaming.

Your Cries for Information not Concerning You Need To Die.

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