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Stylish Gum Packages

That’s right! These oddly patterned, chewing-medium holders are sure to compliment hipsters of all sizes! They’ll match perfectly with your other essentials, like hairbrush covers, scarf tassles, and berets.

Thanks, Orbit gum. No, no, really.

Let Stylish Gum Packages Die

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Blister Packaging

https://i2.wp.com/www.made-in-china.com/image/2f0j00CvMtYpsJEIcbM/Blister-Package-Sample-of-Guolin-HF-Welding-Equipment.jpg(Special Thanks to Chii for this suggestion.)

Blister Packaging is industry’s way of making you feel physically weak. The air-tight, malleable plastic coating and textured crimped edges are impossible to open by muscle alone.

Not willing to admit defeat by this thin plastic sheath, us mere mortals resort to tools to open these abominations of packaging material. We have scissors, which can either cut enough of the edge off and still not leave an opening, or cut the thinner plastic into mutilating shards of doom. Knifes, too, are all but defeated in the fight.

So, us civilized mere mortals, not willing to bloody our hands in pursuit of materialistic enjoyment, have resorted to power tools! Automatic Scissors can reduce hand cramping, and make one feel all the more subservient to our mechanized overlords. Well, subconsciously, of course.

Let Blister Packaging Die

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Note: There will not be any posts from Christmas Day to New Years Day. Fear not: There may be a special present waiting for you when I return.
(I may also break this promise, depending if I come across something really outrageous. Unpredictability, hurray!)

Packaging Overkill

Thousands of twist-ties, layer after layer of bubble wrap, and the oh-so generous use of Styrofoam lets you know that Christmas Toy Dismantlement Time is on its way.

Why does a Barbie doll need her hair individually zip-tied to the cardboard backing, anyway?https://i2.wp.com/www.gearlog.com/images/Rovio-in-styrofoam.jpg

Let Packaging Overkill Die

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